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When Resin Met Plastic: A Not-So-Smooth Affair pouring resin on 3d prints
posted on: 14 Aug, 2023
resin in 3d printed plastic

Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts! Buckle up as we dive into the wild world of mixing resin with 3D printed plastic – yes, you heard that right, 3D printed plastic vases! Today, I’m sharing my misadventures in attempting to get resin and PLA plastic to cooperate, sprinkled with a pinch of color and a dash of glitter. Ready for the ride? Let’s roll!

The Setup: 3D Printed Vases and a Resin Rescue Mission

Picture this: 3D Printed PLA plastic vases, a smidge of courage, and a splash of hope – that’s how my resin escapade began. Those 3D-printed wonders took ages to come to life, about 4 to 5 hours each. And let’s not even talk about the hours of nail-biting anticipation. Can we just agree that waiting should be an Olympic sport by now?

pouring resin on 3D Prints

Now I like to play around with 3D design as much as the next person, however, for this experiment I used some designs already created by talented people off Thingyverse

The key thing with 3D printing vases is enabling ‘vase mode’ in your slicing program. I use Cura and for me, that setting is called ‘Spiralize’

Honeycomb Vase
Decorative Spiral Vase
Twisted Hex Vase

3d printing a vase

A Splash of Reality: Resin’s Stickiness on 3D Plastic

So, I’ve got my vases standing by, and here comes Mr. Resin, strutting in like he’s the hero of the day. The plan? Pour resin over the vases and pray for a magical bond. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t exactly a fairy tale romance. But hey, in the world of DIY, we’re all about embracing the unexpected, right?

Calculating Resin Needs: Rice, Rice, Baby!

Calculating the right amount of resin feels like solving a math problem in a foreign language. Enter my genius hack: rice! Yep, rice is not just for dinner anymore. Fill up the area to fill with Resin with rice, measure the displaced volume, and voilà! You’ve got your resin estimate. It’s like science class meets culinary artistry – a winning combo, if you ask me.

The area I was measuring for this experiment is the ‘drip tray’ where the resin would fall off into the vase. My cunning plan, which was so cunning you could pin a tale on it and call it a weasel was to not only craft a stunning vase with resin over plastic but also a matching bowl by having excess resin fill the tray that I could persuade into a bowl ike shape before it fully cured.

Mixing Madness: When Resin Turns into a Dance Party

Let’s talk mixing resin – the not-so-glamorous dance party that nobody invited you to. Rule of thumb: mix, mix, and mix some more. Think of it as a mini workout for your arms. You’ll soon be waving hello to Popeye muscles. Just remember, the resin may play a trick on you. It looks thick in the cup, but then it’s all “ta-da!” and turns into a very runny liquid magician on your project.

Also don’t forget that this is a great time to remember the most crucial thing with resin..safety! You don’t want to be breathing through a tube at eighty because you didn’t take precautions when working with resin when creating stunning art. Read my safety article here as a reminder! 

Recommended Personal Protection Equipment
3M Halfmask – Medium
3M Fullmask – Medium
3M Fullmask – Large
Organic Vapour filters for masks
Nitrile GlovesSilicon Mat
3M Eye Protection googles

The Great Transformation: Resin Meets Vase

Cue the dramatic music! It’s the moment of truth: pouring resin onto the 3D-printed vase. I’m talking slow-motion, epic superhero landing, only with more spillage. The resin flowed, it covered, and it conquered! Well, almost. Tiny air bubbles decided to crash the party. But guess what? A heat gun or a spritz of alcohol sorted them out, and we’re back in business.

pouring resin over 3d printed vase

Oh No, Not Again! Setbacks and the Artistic Plot Twist

Fast forward to the grand reveal, and… drumroll, please… It’s a disaster! Not one, but two fiascos. First up, the colors turned shy and decided not to show up as vibrant as expected. Note to self: Next time, send them a reminder. The resin dried faster than a cat spotting a cucumber, leaving my dream of a bowl-shaped masterpiece shattered.

Celebrating Epic Fails: It’s Artistic Evolution, Baby!

In the world of art, failures deserve a standing ovation too, right? Let’s all raise a glass to my not-so-picture-perfect resin escapade. But here’s the thing: every mishap is a step toward something great. So, even though my plastic vases gone wrong may not end up in a museum, they’ve earned their place in my creative journey’s hall of fame.

From PLA plastic to resin rendezvous, this adventure had more twists and turns than an episode of The Kardashians. But who said art was meant to be predictable? So, grab that resin, summon your inner MacGyver, and let’s craft with all the passion and humor we’ve got. Until next time, remember: it’s the quirky tales that make the creative journey truly unforgettable. Stay artsy, my friends!

Andy @ The Art Lab

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This page may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links at no cost to you. Commissions help to fund art materials for future videos and articles. 

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