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My name is Andy and I’m an artist and creative. Welcome to the Art Lab where I experiment with Resin, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Join me on my art journey and learn alongside me. 

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Creating Beautiful Resin Wind Chimes:

Creating Beautiful Resin Wind Chimes:

A Step-by-Step Guide Are you looking for a new creative project to try? How about making your own wind chimes using wood and resin? This project offers a wonderful way to combine different materials into a beautiful and functional piece of art. Embarking on a creative...

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One of my aims with this site and my social media sites, especially You Tube is to grow a community where we can all learn together. If you have an interest in one or all of various art mediums please consider subscribing to my YouTube and TikTok as well as my newsletter to be kept informed on the various art experiments I’m working on in the Art Lab.

free resin art basics guide for beginners

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